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What we do

Parts & Repairs

Global Engineering Corporation provides quality aircraft parts and repair processes through in house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities.

All operations are carried out through TCCA Manufacturing Approval 40-06.

Air Cycle Machines - Parts & Repairs

Parts manufacturing of turbine rotors, compressor rotors, cooling fans, seal rings, seal plates, journals, shafts, and specialized repairs of cracked housings, housing throats and nozzle plates.

Landing Gear - Parts & Repairs

Parts manufacturing of regular bushings, lined bushings, piston caps, spacers, sleeves and specialized repairs of pistons, cylinders, harnesses and pipes.

What's Happening

ACM Compressor Shaft Repair Approved

Global Engineering Corporation is pleased to announce that our latest repair vs. replace cost-saving solution, "ACM Compressor Shaft Specialized Repair" for CRJ700/900 ACMs has been approved on January 27, 2016 (RDA 0-RA15-145).

GEC Website Launched

Global Engineering Corporation is excited to announce that our new website is now live!

Leading Innovation

  • PMA Parts (Equivalent to Canadian PDA)
  • 8110 Repairs (Equivalent to Canadian RDA)
  • Design Engineering
  • Reliability & Life Extension
  • Manufacturing Approval TCCA 40-06

The "Dish"

ACM Housing Repair
Patent No.: US 8,272,129 B2

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